Frequently Asked Questions, School Day Edition

What is the difference between the Living History School Day and the weekend events on Saturday/Sunday?

The School Day event is designated for students and chaperones only.  Because it takes place on a week day, School Day is on a smaller scale than the events of the weekend.  Our volunteer living historians are  not all able to take off work to participate on Friday but those that do put a strong focus on education and being interactive with your students.  Saturday/Sunday will include larger reenactor numbers and bigger “booms” but those who attend school day will have more opportunity for activities and demonstrations designed for their age and interests.

Should I register my homeschool group/family?

Yes!  Registration benefits you in that it adds you to our mailing list for event updates.  All fields are mandatory on the form but casual or creative answers to the fields that do not apply to you are fine for home school groups.

Do you cancel the event if it rains?

The event takes place rain or shine.  Some events may be postponed, for the safety of our participants and guests, or relocated as a result of unfavorable weather conditions.

Can I buy tickets online?  Can I buy tickets at the gates?

Yes to both!  All registered school groups will receive a link to a our School Day ticket sales page.  Buying tickets in advance is not mandatory but will save you some time at the gates.

Can parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. attend this field trip?

Yes, we are happy to allow additional family members to share this event with their students.  However, all adults attending must by accompanying a registered school group.  No tickets will be sold at the gates to adults not arriving with their students.  Request the link from your field trip organizer to purchase tickets in advance if you will be arriving separately.

How should my students dress for the event?

Comfort is key!  There is a LOT of walking involved and the event takes place on natural ground.  Wear comfortable shoes and use your best judgement when it comes to the temperature outside.

Will there be food available on site at the event?

Yes, we generally have 8-10 food vendors available at the event.  All registered school groups will be emailed a list of available food vendors and their menus once vendor registration has closed.  Pricing varies by vendor and some do provide us with pricing to make it easier for you and your students to plan ahead.  Tables and chairs are set up in the food court to provide an area to eat, though many of our School Day students prefer to picnic on the lawn of the plantation home under the shade of the ancient oak trees.

Can we bring a sack lunch?

Yes, anyone can bring a lunch.  However, we do like to caution our guests that there is a significant amount of walking involved in exploring this event and the parking area is not particilarly close to where most of the event takes place.  There is no quick trip back to the bus (or car) to grab your lunch so be prepared to carry anything that you bring with you all day.

Do we need any extra money?

You do not have to have extra money.  Food, craft and souvenir vendors on site do cost extra but shopping with them completely optional.  The event itself costs only the $5 per person admission fee.

I need to plan my day.  Where can I find a schedule?

All registered schools will receive a copy of the schedule of events for the day as soon as it becomes available.  The schedule will also be posted on our website and on the event facebook page.  We know that timing is significant when planning field trip transportation and other logistics so, to help with planning, we can say that the final scheduled event, the skirmish, takes place at 12pm and lasts about 30 minutes.  Most of what you can do and see at the Living History School Day is “ongoing” so you can see it at your own pace at any time.  Only a few events will take place at scheduled times and they will all take place BEFORE the skirmish at noon.  We do remain open after the skirmish and continue with the ongoing programs till we close at 4pm.