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Civil War Weekend

Living History School Day Schedule

November 16, 2018  at the historic Liendo Plantation


Our Living History School Day was designed for students and their chaperones to experience at their own pace.  Living history demonstrations will be ongoing throughout the day in the many areas of the event.  A few demonstrations happen only once, or in limited numbers.  Check the schedule times below for information on these events.

Please visit as many of the living history demonstration areas as you can before or in between scheduled events.  Upon entering the event, the Union camps will be on the right and left of the road.  Visit the camps, interact with the living historians, ask questions.  Continuing, you will find the Winter Camp on the left in the woods just before the fork in the road.  This is an authentic representation of the more permanent encampments that the Civil War soldiers lived in during the winter when they were not on the march and is considered a MUST SEE at our Living History School Day.  Remember, these on site camps are the homes for the weekend for our living historians so be respectful.

Several demos will take place on the lawn of the mansion including: spinning and weaving, goat milking, soap making, period games and more!  Don’t forget a walk-through of the mansion (downstairs only is available on School Day).  Liendo has been lovingly restored by the Detering family and opened for you to see what a real antebellum mansion built in 1853 Texas looks like.  However, Liendo is a private home and we ask that you do not photograph or take video on the inside of the house.

Visit “Sutler Row” to see the period merchants and additional demonstrations or tour the nearby Civilian Camp for more demonstrations on civilian period life and skills in the 19th century.

The Confederate Camps and the Artillery Camps are on the far side of the mansion and, again, open for touring and questions.  Look for the presentation of Unlikely Soldiers: Women and Children in the Ranks for an education on some of the lesser known participants in the War Between the States.

  • 9am          Gates Open – Welcome to Liendo Plantation!

  • 9:30am     Artillery Demonstrations (on the battlefield once an hour beginning at 9:30am)

  • 11am        Dance Demonstrations with the Victorian Lady (in front of  the Bachelor’s Quarters)

  • 12pm        Skirmish (on the battlefield)

  • 4pm          Gates Close


A printable copy of this information will be emailed to all registered school groups prior to the field trip.  Register now to get that and other valuable information that will help you plan your day!