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20th Annual Civil War Weekend at Liendo Plantation

Open to Reenactors: Thursday November 21 – Sunday November 24, 2019

It’s time to get ready for another year of living history at Liendo!  This year marks an important milestone for the event and for the community of reenactors that support us each year.  This will be the 20th Annual Civil War Weekend at Liendo Plantation and we invite you all to join us for this momentous occasion!  Come spend a weekend of camping and camraderie as we educate and entertain the public with living history.

A warm welcome to any reenactors joining us for the first time, and a welcome back to the many returning reenactors that have taken any portion of this 20 year journey with us!  A few things have changed and some will remain the same.  Read the following information to get a better idea of the 2019 event procedures, then scroll to the bottom to find your registration form.

Some things you need to know for this year’s event:

  • Register ASAP to be eligible for hay, powder and other amenities but plan on paying any fees due when you sign in at the registration tent upon arrival at the event.  A commemorative gift in celebration of our 20th year will be given to reenactors participating this year but you must pre-register in order to receive your gift.
  • NO pre-payment of registration fees this year.  We still stress the importance of registering as soon as you can but payment of any fees due will be upon check-in at the registration tent when you arrive at Liendo.  No setting up camp then going back to register.  ALL REENACTORS must sign in BEFORE entering the property or setting up camp.  The registration tent will be open for business beginning Thursday at 12pm with NO registration fees through 8am Friday morning.  Reenactor registration fees after 8am Friday will be $10 per person.
  • Dinner tickets will be given out at the registration tent when you sign in at the event.  You will need a ticket in order to get dinner on Saturday evening so make sure you follow the correct procedure.  Stop and sign in ON YOUR WAY IN.
  • Federal parking will be moved and expanded so be prepared for new parking procedures if you will be camping Federal.  The previous Federal parking areas will be used for loading/unloading ONLY.  There will be no parking in camping areas this year in order to provide ample parking space and ease of parking for everyone.   
  • The Saturday/Sunday battles for this year will consist of “Great Battles of the Texas Brigade” and there will be 2 spectator battles on Saturday, 1 spectator battle on Sunday.  Specific battles and battle times will be listed once they are confirmed.


Click below to register and join us on the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving!